So what does LeSolace mean?

Lend + solace. The word solace, by definition, means ‘comfort or consolation in times of distress’. We keep the calm in Mortgages. Let us have the stress.

LeSolace rapidly respond to new opportunities made available in today’s dynamic financing environment and as a result meet the requirements of our clients through flexibility, and delivery of customized and unique lending programs.

The Team at LeSolace is a group of licensed agents and a Mortgage Broker at Green Lending #13071 with experience and subject matter expertise in Business Financing, Real Estate backed loans Alternate Mortgages.

Our in-house mortgage underwriting and credit structuring reduces lenders risk and improves the success rate of lender approvals.

We get competitive rates and terms from our affiliate lenders for mortgages in both the alternate and institutional lending domains.

LeSolace team at Green Lending 13071